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Project Description
This project make it easier to index large multidimensional databases on Microsoft SQL Server. (>2005).

This project is developed at Department of Physics of Complex System, Eotvos University, Budapest by
Istvan Csabai , Laszlo Dobos, Marton Trencseni, Geza Herczegh

Getting Started
  • First of all: an easy test sample (querying 20 000 000 points) is recommended: Example 1
  • Quick guide v0.9 is available: Guide v0.9
  • See the Releases section for the latest release


If you find bugs or want additional capabilities addressed by the team, please send us email or use the Issue Tracker to create a new Work Item.
You can influence this project. Please send us feedback!
Many thanks!


We gratefully acknowledge the generous support from the following organizations: Microsoft Corporation, Hungarian National Scientific Foundation OTKA-T047244, MTA-OTKA-NSF97-049957, NKTH: RET14/2005, KCKHA005, Microsoft Research Grant MSRC-2005-038, MRTN-CT-2004-503929

Special thanks goes to Gyongyi Kerekes, Norbert Purger and Tamas Budavari.

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